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Of Sindh and Kutch

Sometimes a stitch reflects the cross-cultural histories. Often when landscape lacks colors then people make its absence in their visual art, especially in a fabric. 

Sindhi stitch is one great example of both these observations. Known for its rich color palette, geometrical patterns and wide adaptability this Maltese cross stitch is known as a most recognizable stitch from Sindh. In fact, all over India, this stitch is just 'Sindhi Stitch' … 

An offshoot of Kutchi embroidery, Sindhi Stitch traces its roots in embroidery from Baluchistan. Though the name is Sindh, it is practiced at various places in Gujarat like Kutch and Kathiawar. It’s very interesting to note here that embroidery typically is prevalent in north India. This reflects cross cultural influences of a trade from central Asia.

It is said that embroidery of Kutch area is the richest variety. The stitches and colors, once, connoted about the class and status of the wearer.  Essentially a type of Maltese cross stit…

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