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Nuns and Needle

In continuation of blog series focusing on Indian embroideries, this post is on one of most elusive one I have stumbled upon. It’s practiced in my home town yet, I admit, I knew little about it till I started to research about it.  Convent embroidery.

Convent embroidery, as the name suggests covers the range of European embroideries taught by nuns at various convents. Smitz collection has few scarves with convent embroidery. One designer that has recently made use of this embroidery is Partima Pandey

Today, limitations in a number of converts where this embroidery is taught along with artisans have shrunk the supply. Independent workshops have retained the skill and constitute the major centers today. Ranchi, Bangalore, Pondicherry, few in Goa, Kerala and parts of Tamil Naidu specially Kanyakumari consist of centers where this embroidery is practiced and taught.

Various sources say that when missionaries came to the Indian subcontinent, they also got nuns from various countries wh…

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