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Turning a new leaf

One of most recognized embroidery of India with patrons in India and abroad since ages is Kashmiri embroidery family.  This needle craft is popular all across India and more so in EU and America. The motifs spell out flora and fauna of Kashmir. The natural landscape of Kashmir acts like a huge mood board that not only inspires but sustain beauty and finesse in all art form.

The most famous stitch of the Kashmiri embroidery family is Aari or crewel work that is fine concentric rings of the chain stitch using a long hooked needle. Sonz work is done on pashmina while Chikandozi is extra fine embroidery. Embroidery using multi color threads(more than three shades)  is known as Poskar while work using three colors is called Raskar. Unlike other needle crafts, Kashmiri embroidery had elite patronage before becoming mainstream and boasted of dedicated production area and was not a domestic craft. Kashmiri embroidery family has been around as pashmina shawls, scarves, and stoles. It's be…

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