Sanjay Gupta of Raw Mango has transformed Benarasi Weaves
Benarasi textile is well Benarasi textile. Its synomus with grandeur and richness. Benarasi weave in form of saree is a stable in wedding and continues to be ,even today. This is because the weave is all about celebration. It is a priceless heirloom and its exquisite in its own craftsmanship. Benarasi is often more than just a weave - its a living memory for many.It,s thick silk -adorned with golden or silver threads weaving magical jalis or peacocks or lotuses often keep memory in it's folds. The sarees are seen as heavy and symbol of what would have been era... till recently the sarees were reserved strictly for marriage ceremony and other grand family reunions. Now things have changed .

Benarasi saree is often precious legacy. 

Sanjay Gupta of Raw Mango has done commendable work in making this weave contemporary.  Not only the patterns, motifs even the heavy silk has been transformed to suit the style sensibility of today's youth. That is what is essence of agility required for survival. Now this 'old' weave has become 'ageless'. The contemporary designers have uplifted the weave from heavy image to stylish , graceful and full of life weave.

Ritu Kumar's collection in Lakme Fashion Week (2015) is an ode to this weave.With subtle richness the designs managed to highlight the craftsmanship of the weavers. Fluid, stylish structure and stunning colours made the collection stand out in all aspects.

Whats important to note that designers have managed to change the perception of the weave. They have made Benarasi weave move away from the stiffness of tradition into today's world. That's commendable!

Sanjay Gupta's saree image source : google .com 
Blue and grey sarees: author's own  

Source of collection info of LFW :

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