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Pashmina Shawl from the kashmircompany 

The winter sets in ...bringing its own trademark chill and weaves. Wool is synonymous with this season shawls, scarfs or jackets. Wool has strongest association with this season ...and rightly so. Yet with changing technology and tastes the mighty wool is reincarnated into trendiest contemporary avatars. For places where winter is not so chilly ...wool is mixed with other yarns. 

Wool is part of our evolution story in silent way. It's been there in various forms and yarns from time textile making started. It's has seen more technological advancement in kitting and weaving than any other yarn. Contemporary technological advancement has pushed wool forward from granny's knitting  to avant grade designer worthy choice. It's functionality in winter months combined with variation in texture , finish, weight , colours and patterns makes it extremely versatile yet it has to beat its own image of bulky and one season yarn. 

Interest from industry associations, manufacturers and inputs from government has helped in making wool get a well deserved makeover. Artisans  from northern part of India particularly Kashmir are known to work brilliantly with Shahtoosh and pashmina- making these hallmark in terms of luxury and warmth. Wool is often regarded as "most venerated " of all fabrics. 
One of these attempt is International Woolmark PrizeRahul Mishra had won International Woolmark Prize in 2014 for handwoven wool in evening wear that amazed the industry. 

Rahul Mishra @ International Woolmark Prize 

Suket Dhir won the award in 2015/16 for using 'Indian dress with western tailoring techniques' with wool. Recently  Bounipun and Nachiket Barve were announced as the menswear and womens wear winners, respectively, of the 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize India, Pakistan & Middle East regional final.
Winners of 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize India, Pakistan& Middle East regional final

These designers have illustrated that wool is not bulky anymore,it's one textile that has absolutely cutting edge future. Pashimina sarees, dress materials , jackets along with variety of textured wool fabrics have made its way into fabric market for local and established designers to play around , curate and create another milestone in fashionable story of wool. It is now no more just a winter wear. It's mixed , treated to give it extremely different dimension that has made it very very fashionable. 

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