How to wear dupatta in stylish way !


Part of ethnic salwar kameez set , essential in Punjabi suit set and a must have with lehenga choli. Usually it is draped in traditional manner i.e. spread around the neck falling over the shoulder covering till the waist. Designers like Sabyasachi, Sanjay Gupta of Raw Mango have experimented with various draping styles. 

There are many ways to wear dupatta, this post will focus on top most stylish way to wear dupatta.

1. Belt it 
Wear a thin belt over the dupatta. Keep the dupatta on side over one shoulder or you can spread it a little in front. You can wear traditional Kamardhani or bejeweled belts. This style is easiest to manage and works when dupatta is of lighter material and has minimalist look which makes the kameez stand out.

2. Wear it like a scarf 

Here you can wear the dupatta around the neck in scarf like manner. Keep in mind this works when dupatta is of light material. Handcrafted silk dupatta can be worn in this manner.

3. Half saree look 

The name says is all. This looks very attractive and comfortable yet stylish way to wear a dupatta. Works for both simple and dressy dupattas.

4. Like a muffler and belted 

This is one style where you wear dupatta around your neck and belt the loose end. Chic and unique way works on all kind of dresses and dupatta.

5. Like a shawl

Here the dupatta is draped over the shoulder, like a shawl. Works well as dupatta design is showcased at back. This is key style to cover up and at same time have a modern look and feel.

6. Over the shoulder 

This draping style is in vogue. Its super stylish and contemporary. Its a very nice way to wear . Here the dupatta goes over the shoulder and comes in front with support of hand. Looks regal and chic. This drape is usually seen in mythological shows.

Few more styles are shown below

Happy Draping ! Happy dressing up!

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Do check out for dupatta and chunni draping styles. 

Image courtesy: Google images. Raw Mango 
The Neck Wrap from Sabyasachi at Lakme Fashion Week 2013 

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